Jeugdplatform in English

Jeugdplatform Amsterdam advises the local gouvernment in Amsterdam about care and education for vunerable young people and their caretakers. With our advises we want to ensure that help and support is more in line with what works well for young people and their caretakers. And that they have acces to reliable information.

The hart of Jeugdplatform Amsterdam is a core group of 8 young people and 4 caretakers that comes together every month to share experiences and talk to local professionals about how care and education can be improved. We have a formal advisory function. This means that when we give advice, the local gouvernment should take a serious look at it and respond to it. But that’s not all! We also organize meetings where young people, caretakers and youthcare professionals can learn from each other. And we are in contact with young people and caretakers in the city about what is going well and what can be improved in youth care.

Activities you can participate in

Participating is possible in different ways: from sharing your experiences once in a personal meeting to regularly participating in group meetings about various topics. If you can’t read or speak Dutch or/and want more information about how you can participate you can contact Dorine at or 0620307855.

I want to share my opinion in a personal meeting

Do you want to share your experience and opinion about the youthcare or help for caretakers, but rather not do it in a group? No problem! We would like to get in touch with you and then we can meet in a way that feels right for you. Some prefer to meet in person, while others prefer to (video)call or email.

I want to participate in a group meeting

Do you like to give your opinion about how you experience the help in a group with other young people and/or caretakers? Then join one of our themed group meetings (bijeenkomst). Keep an eye on the activities agenda, there will undoubtedly be a theme that appeals to you!

I want to join the core group (Adviesgroep)

Would you like to be a part of our core group that comes together every month? A spot comes available on a regular basis. But it’s not just meetings! You also receive training, can participate in themed group meetings, there are social activities and you are part of a very pleasant and close group.